Sunday, 26 May 2013

doodlers of the family


I was "spring cleaning" early May and found the case of my first reading glasses and like most things I own I've made a doodle mark on it. I had to peel it off carefully since the doodle was on a tape that's become almost part of the pink case- which is probably why the scan I have below is pretty in pink. 
Anyways, this was also done sometime in the summer after second year uni, I had an office job that held me down (most of the time) on a desk! It was an inspiring time needless to say.

But then I found one of my brothers drawings, I gave him his first (and only as of now) sketch book. He didnt stick to it, he likes loose pages from my reuse collection. His work is hilarious at least for me- its so cute! (aww).

I shall leave you with this, quite the head boper of a track, enjoy!


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