Monday, 8 July 2013

"Barya lang po sa umaga"

Hello Ma'am- Sir!

-That's how sales people greet costumers here in the Philippines.
But for the first time I am on my own- well not technically I have family I can call on to. I mean I am on my own in the Philippines after ten years and I am learning a number of things. Crossing the highway -even with the handy stop light was not easy- cars, motorcycles, trucks and jeeps are coming from different directions  honks, smoke and dust was overwhelming. This is not new, however Davao is much bigger than the small cities I grew up in, in fact it is the largest city -area wise in the Philippines.

So this past Saturday I learned how to take a motorcycle to the Abreeza mall where my friend and I was able to listen to Parokya ni Edgar live! It was cool. It's interesting, Parokya has existed for over a generation and they're still very relevant today, they're funny and their songs are still "na kaka kilig"- AS IN!

Anyways after that, we're still pretty buzzed and up for more (probably also a result of our sweet dinner- Chowking halo halo and Mister donut)
It was after the mall closed that we ended up walking to this "compound" in Davao that is occupied with bars and dance clubs. We went in to see a drag show. The stage was bright and poppy the same as the performers. Five ladies took the stage, each with a different personality and "unique looks". They sang and danced but most of the time talked and persuaded foreigner audience to cough up some cash. It was hilarious and they made it funny, embarrassing and awkward for them. The night was like a dream, young people in gowns and formal started to arrive walking past us- I guess the place is a hit if people go there for an afterparty. Anyways, glitter, eyelashes and even wigs started coming off. Hilarious.

It also happens that down the road to where I'm staying for the meantime is the alleged Davao city house of the famous Manny Pacquiao- do you see that disco ball hanging? So that was exciting for a second. It s not really occupied.

And it never fails to amaze me, when I pass a fruit bearing tree on the sidewalk. A banana heart dips within your reach and pineapples with all its regal leaf opens up to reveal the ripening fruit- all this by the sidewalk.

One last exciting part - as of now, is the view behind the clubhouse- its amazing you can see the mountain and a number of communities below~~I wish I have a better camera with me!

So this is it for now, reader. I will leave you with one of Parokya's song. There will be more post to follow, kita-kita ta next time, babai

Sunday, 9 June 2013

inspiring people

There are so many inspiring people out there and sometimes I can't handle it, I don't know what to do.

Anyways, I drew my mom's old family house that I and most of my cousins also grew up in. Based on a photo from the late 90s, a lot has changed since then though.

 Also, I went to TCAF sometime ago, my friend drew this and said I could keep it since she doesn't mind.

Another thing, just a few hours ago I flipped channels on tv and saw half of Michelle Chamuel's performance and I loved it. I like her style, she is awesome and thanks youtube.

kk, ttyl

Monday, 3 June 2013

doing the waltz

I press flowers sometimes, it is how I make use of many of my books. Also, if you're lucky enough to borrow the same library book after I've returned it, you might find secret flowers with secret messgs. Yeah, I lied on that messages part.

Anyways, enjoy Fiona's song.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

doodlers of the family


I was "spring cleaning" early May and found the case of my first reading glasses and like most things I own I've made a doodle mark on it. I had to peel it off carefully since the doodle was on a tape that's become almost part of the pink case- which is probably why the scan I have below is pretty in pink. 
Anyways, this was also done sometime in the summer after second year uni, I had an office job that held me down (most of the time) on a desk! It was an inspiring time needless to say.

But then I found one of my brothers drawings, I gave him his first (and only as of now) sketch book. He didnt stick to it, he likes loose pages from my reuse collection. His work is hilarious at least for me- its so cute! (aww).

I shall leave you with this, quite the head boper of a track, enjoy!


Wednesday, 15 May 2013


it feels good to receive mail from real friends, it's a break from other "friendly" credit card invitations and *gasp* student loan notifications <eeep!> 

definitely refreshing and it reminds me that letter writing is not dead and that paper mail is also used for sharing stories and not just one of the ways corporations/ institutions waste paper on,that is to say it keeps me sane :)

so a big THANK YOU to my "pen pals" for caring and sharing

here are some of the contents from letter packages i received

so, so adorable cutesies, drawings of funny short stories! gush~~~

another gush~~~~ that's right, i got certified, Oh you fancy, huh? (yes, that drake song)